Do You Own Kylie Jenner Lip Kits?

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The Lip Craze that’s Gone Absolutely Wild

Hi there, beauties and lovelies. Tink here dropping some sparkly goodness all over your face. Here is something everyone has already heard about but maybe not everyone may own. So here’s a question for you and be really ugly honest.

“Do you own a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit?”


Kylie Jenner has made quite a following for herself.

Her new lippies never seam to fail us. She is constantly coming out with new colors and better formulas. It is so wanted that every time she restocks online her colors get sold out immediately. As of now she currently has twelve matte, liquid lipstick colors, four metallic lip colors, and four glosses. They come packed with a creamy lip liner and a liquid lipstick. It’s fabulous. Well that’s what mostly everyone is raving. Check out youtube for yourself.

Kylie   Kylie  Kylie

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Kylie is really making things interesting. If you don’t already have her on snapchat, go and add her. She recently posted a few short videos of her hinting to keep a lookout for Kylie Jenner Cosmetic Stores. Amazeballs!

The formula has been changed and Kylie seeks to have her lip kits perfected for all of her die hard fans. And I mean that literally, die hard. People are buying the lip kits and selling them out. DO NOT BUY Kylie Jenner lip kits FROM EBAY. People are selling the kits for ten thousand dollars! Muahaha! Evil isn’t it? You might as well take a trip to Hawaii instead of buy a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit off of Ebay. Just saying.


The most popular of her cosmetic line is her matte liquid lipsticks. Not only do they have the cutest of names like, “Dolce K,” “Mary Jo K,” and “Candy K,” but they have sexy packaging as well. They smell magnificent! Just like cupcakes. They are meant to be long lasting, transfer proof, succulent colors. They dry pretty quickly and feel great on your lips. It feels almost like nothing is there. It’s not extra drying on your pout like some matte lipsticks are and the colors are suitable for all skin tones. Her newest colors is “Skylie” and “Freedom.” Both shades of blue for the Fourth of July.

So back to the first question I asked…

Do you own a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit?

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WHAT!? Clear Lipstick Covers

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Hello beauties, are you sparkling today?

Tink here! Let me bring to you this amazing product that will make life and makeup, just that much easier for you sparklers. Applying our makeup and facial cosmetic products is complicated and tiresome already, trust me, I know. Let me help you make it beautiful and just a tad bit easier for you.


Every woman has Mac Lippies right? Mac has so many awesome lip colors. If you don’t own any, I will put some of the popular, must own colors that Mac has to offer. Check them out!

“Must Own” Mac Lippies

  • Ruby Woo (Matte Retro Red)
  • Viva Glam V (Classic Nude)
  • Please Me (Flirty Rosey Pink)
  • Impassioned (Bright Fuchsia Magenta)
  • Vegas Volt ( Orange Coral)
  • Cyber ( Dark Wine, Black/Plum)
  • Half & Half ( Neutral Pink/Brown)
  • Rebel ( Deep Plum)
  • Chili ( Matte Bright Red)


Now that we all have that cleared away. Now a problem we may have is choosing a color when it comes to our lips. Uncapping every color can be a hassle. Especially when you have thirty different lip colors from Mac. How are you supposed to remember all of the colors and the names that go along with it? Hello, beautiful answer!


Clear Mac Lipstick Cover

I can se you over there “Deep Rooted” Mac lipstick. Looking so sexy in that brown taupe color you rock so good. The clear cover suits you so well! With these lipstick covers you are able to see clearly all of your Mac lipsticks. Perfect! An awesome solution for makeup artists too! Price is pretty fair too. Choose from $1.85 per piece or a fifty pack for $64.99!

Would you buy these beautiful accessories?

cover cover

Keep on Sparkling Darlings!

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Is it Worth the Hype – Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation

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Hello Beauties, are you sparkling today?

Tink here, and I have something new to share with you. It’s called the Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation. If you have not yet seen it all over social media, go ahead and look it up. It’s been really hyped up especially on Facebook and women everywhere are asking themselves, is this really worth the hype?

youniqueThis particular product cost $39.00 USD. It is a liquid foundation that is supposed to dry to a matte powdery finish. There is a powder they offer to set this foundation, but it is not necessarily needed. On youtube, there’s been a rave of people using lip liners, permanent markers, red and black markers, to show how great the coverage is of this product. It is supposed to be very blendable and buildable from a semi full to a full coverage foundation. They claim its great for spots, discoloration, skin conditions, uneven skin tones, acne, etc. It is supposed to cover everything, even tattoos.


My take on this “miracle” foundation

I have looked all over the world to get an overall impression on this for you all. Here is what I’ve got thus far.

Price is Fair

This foundation is fairly priced, along with other makeup brands that are pretty well known and high up there on the charts.

Easily Accessible is Okay

The way this company works is like a pyramid scheme which I don’t like. So there are reps that sell this product all over the world. Its not as easy as buying it at a store. You can only obtain this product from a Younique seller.

Coverage Is Very Good

Coverage is very much there. The proof is all over social media and it actually, very much, works.

Long Lasting is Okay

This foundation has the potential to last all day when applied correctly. When it is set with powered as well, it can last even longer. If it is not set, you are able to touch your foundation and it can leave a residue.

Blendable & Buildable is Very Good

Yes! This is something all women want. It’s ultra light feel is perfect for building up and making it full coverage. So when your going to the grocery store, go one time around your face, and you should be good. But if its date night, go ahead maybe twice or three times and it can cover anything and everything.

Tink’s Rating 7/10

Have you tried this product before? Are you using it now? What did you think of this product? Have any questions for me? Leave it in the comments for me. Tink is out, looking for more goodies for you all!




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