WHAT!? Clear Lipstick Covers

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Hello beauties, are you sparkling today?

Tink here! Let me bring to you this amazing product that will make life and makeup, just that much easier for you sparklers. Applying our makeup and facial cosmetic products is complicated and tiresome already, trust me, I know. Let me help you make it beautiful and just a tad bit easier for you.


Every woman has Mac Lippies right? Mac has so many awesome lip colors. If you don’t own any, I will put some of the popular, must own colors that Mac has to offer. Check them out!

“Must Own” Mac Lippies

  • Ruby Woo (Matte Retro Red)
  • Viva Glam V (Classic Nude)
  • Please Me (Flirty Rosey Pink)
  • Impassioned (Bright Fuchsia Magenta)
  • Vegas Volt ( Orange Coral)
  • Cyber ( Dark Wine, Black/Plum)
  • Half & Half ( Neutral Pink/Brown)
  • Rebel ( Deep Plum)
  • Chili ( Matte Bright Red)


Now that we all have that cleared away. Now a problem we may have is choosing a color when it comes to our lips. Uncapping every color can be a hassle. Especially when you have thirty different lip colors from Mac. How are you supposed to remember all of the colors and the names that go along with it? Hello, beautiful answer!


Clear Mac Lipstick Cover

I can se you over there “Deep Rooted” Mac lipstick. Looking so sexy in that brown taupe color you rock so good. The clear cover suits you so well! With these lipstick covers you are able to see clearly all of your Mac lipsticks. Perfect! An awesome solution for makeup artists too! Price is pretty fair too. Choose¬†from $1.85 per piece or a fifty pack for $64.99!

Would you buy these beautiful accessories?

cover cover

Keep on Sparkling Darlings!

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